Last weekend, on a mild Sunday afternoon during Halloween weekend, me, Miss Toddler and our friend Traci, donned our scariest party outfits and headed over to myminidisco at Brighton’s Komedia. It’s essentially what’s known as a “baby rave”: a place where parents can take their kids for some safe boogying and listen to some of the old classics, whilst throwing some shapes on the dancefloor too. There’s a bar for the parents and facepainting for the kids, so everyone’s pretty much catered for because MUMMY NEEDS MUMMY JUICE.

As this was a Halloween special, we made a special effort to dress up in scary costumes, but unfortunatly the only scary came from me as The Toddler looked cute as a button in her H&M dress and jaunty witches hat. Last time we went to myminidisco, it was a Star Wars special and Miss Toddler got to wear a stormtrooper outfit and sandals. She was barely walking at 18 months and loved to be carried A LOT, so this time round was a chance to see those little legs in action and practice her dance moves that she does when she watched Oopsie Daisy do that silly dance during In The Night Garden’.

Witches Costumes

Well it WAS Halloween right?

myminidisco follows a trend of “baby raves” that have popped up over the UK over the past few years. Started by a former DJ and record label owner Justin Rushmore, it comes at a time when former clubbers (like myself and the husband) have got older, had kids and the party’s kinda ended. I mean, it’s not all bad (RIGHT??) and we get to have lots of fun when we go to festivals in the summer but the closest I get to clubbing these days is My Maker’s Arty Party – know what I mean?

Mr Maker

Scraps (or whatever that puppet is) did an 8 hour set at Matter once I’m told…

It’s likely that the Justin Rushmore felt the same, as it’s noted on the website that he has a young son and I can only assume wanted to share his love of playing rather loud music with him – which is fine by us! It seems the same passion for sharing the clubbing experience with their children is also the case of the Big Fish, Little Fish and Baby Loves Disco founders and with dozens of events running up and down throughout the UK for all of these guys and more, it seems that us old clubbers don’t have to put up with dancing round the living room to the Go Jetters theme tune to get our dancing kicks.

I have been to Komedia a few times at night, but it’s always fun to head down the stairs into the clubbing space during the day (and we got there for the start at 2pm) as we could pretend that we were still clubbing after the sun had come up. Traci and myself hit the bar for a glass of wino and Miss Toddler snacked on a free goodie bag that all the kids get on arrival. It had a smoothie and a healthy sandwich as well as cheeky packet of sweets and so with all of us happily fed and watered we were all ready to hit the dancefloor.

If you ever go to a baby rave, I can only recommend that you prepare yourself for the carnage of soft play vs. the manic excitement of a kids party. The dance floor is NOTHING like you ever saw at Fabric at 1am on a Saturday night trust me. It’s a full of small, fancy-dressed under-6’s hyped up on sugar running in circles and bundling each other. They chase bubbles from an endless stream of bubbles form the bubble machine and try and stamp on balloons whilst dancing to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ whist parents stand at the edge having a natter and glass of wine. There’s a moment when you think “what AM I doing here?” – especially when it looks like some of the other parents haven’t dressed up and then you see the smiles, wide as the dance floor, from both parents and kids alike when SL2’s ‘On a Ragga Tip’ comes on and everyone rushes to the dancefloor to sing “waaaay oh laaaayy oh wal-la-lo-yay” and bust out those moves.

The bundle on the dancefloor is soon over and the parents get a chance to get their breath back and while you do, if you squint your eyes, especially after the smoke machine goes on (not too much though – remember there are kids around) you can pretend that it’s 2004 again. The tunes were mix of funk, pop, rave and dance classics and we barely got off the dancelfoor. Miss Toddler made us all sit down for snacks, like PULLED us down to sit at her level so she was all secure, but that was about it for non-dancing. Us girls had a great time and after a mix of tunes old and new alike, some dazzling tricks by the entertainers, endless chasing after the balloons, a couple of tantrums because the sugar had run out and a bit of a cry because a bigger boy had run into Miss Toddler by accident, it was time to head off as those two and half hours had flown by:

The Girls!

Emerging from a baby rave on a Sunday afternoon sort of feels like coming out of coming out of Fire in Vauxhall after an afterparty that you should have left a LONG time ago except you’re tired because you’ve had a wine in the daytime, not because you’ve been up for 3 hours straight. Some kids have already fallen asleep in their pushchairs and some are crying because they don’t want to go and I think – this isn’t so different except my “pushchair” was one of London’s finest Hackney Carriages… Anyways, I’ll stop with the comparisons now as you’re already thinking LEAVE IT IN THE PAST WOMAN! but I can tell you that baby raving is MASSIVE FUN if you used to love going out clubbing (pfft – maybe you’re cool and still do?) and I totally recommend giving it a try.

I didn’t get endorsed to write this post by anyone by the way, I am just that excited anytime I get to go out to somewhere that lets me drink alcohol and look after my kid at the same time and wanted to tell you all about it. Hope you enjoyed!