I took two weeks off from work over the Christmas period as I had a bunch of holiday to use up. At first it seemed like a great idea as I smugly bid an early goodbye to my colleagues. I’d spend the whole time off creating special moments with my small person – you know, crafting handmade Christmas cards and singing carols whilst making mince pies and throwing glitter around while forgetting that I ever had a job.

Best Christmas Ever!

It was great time off and made even more special by the fact that it was the first Christmas where she seemed to know what was going on. For days before she would say in the cutest little voice “Santa presents?” and we were delighted in how she would take it in turns to give us each a present to help her unwrap on Christmas Day morning sat by the tree. We ate way too much cheese and Quality Street and After Eight mints and Mini Chedders. We watched every Pixar movie possible and all the Cbeebies pantos. We know all of the words to “Funky Uncle Drosselmeyer” and watched all of the Peppa Pig Christmas episodes. We did Christmas to the max.

That bubble soon began to burst the closer January 3rd got – the day I went back to work after Christmas, but I could make it OK right?

Back in Training

I checked my work email the week before and got a stark reminder of what was to come. I dealt with and deleted over 100 emails but at least I’d had a head start and the next week wouldn’t be a sludge of coffee, emails, coffee more emails and coffee. I’d done my HOMEWORK dammit and I’d get up at 7am at least 3 days before and I’d even go to the gym before January 1st. It would be as painless as possible and I would be the bright and breezy one at her desk.

The reality was that we slept in as a family until at least 8.30am every day. Even Toddler. Pajamas were the uniform of choice up until the early afternoon (*whispers* and sometimes even the late afternoon) and I DIDN’T GO TO THE BLOODY GYM OK? Then New Year’s Eve happened and we had a family party to go to where I stayed up past 1am and had to spend New Year’s Day clawing through the minutes until I could get back to sleep again.

By the time that the night before the day I had to go back to work, I didn’t even know what day it was. I set my alarm when I went to bed at 10pm and then couldn’t get to sleep (THANK BRAIN).

We Did it Guys!

However I woke up this morning at 6.50am. Got out of bed (YES!) and dressed in an outfit that looked like I did something for a living and put on MAKE-UP. I got coffee and ate some Special K (see Body? I can do healthy!) and was at my desk just after 8am with a massive coffee and winter sun streaming through my work window. People asked me about financial stuff and I think i sounded like I knew what i was talking about. I didn’t have to sing “I’M UNCLE DROSSELMEYER at the top of my lungs to get someone’s attention and I managed to avoid having a little nap at around 2pm (my favourite part of the Christmas holidays) because of the elephant-sized doses of coffee I was drinking.

I managed to make it to 5pm without watching a single computer animated film, Go Jetters or Bill Murray film and I survived. If you went back today too then you bloody well did it too. It’s only 2 days, 18 hours and 34 minutes (at the time of writing) until 5pm on Friday.