I won’t lie: super massive fans of Disney in our house and so when we were asked to take part in the Disney Store’s 30th anniversary celebrations I jumped at the chance. In exchange for toys from our favourite movie, we would recreate a scene and share it with you guys. Again, no brainer there as this would be my chance to create a “sweded” version of the film and inject the manic ramblings of an excited Toddler into it too!

Before I show you pictures from the shoot, I have to again reiterate how much of a Disney fan I am, but in particular Pixar. When Toy Story came out 22 years ago (I know…) I was already considering a career in film or television (one of my a-level essays was about the Little Mermaid and feminism!) and seeing such a well crafted and beautiful story but with computer graphics made me think anything was possible. I loved that film and did buy a lot of the toys to have in an adult, ironic way (but still loved all these years later).

The fact that Disney bought Pixar always seemed to be a perfect fit. Thankfully films like Finding Dory demonstrate that Pixar haven’t lost their with the emotional storytelling or slick graphics and I bought it to watch with my daughter with great expectations that it would be as good as Finding Nemo. I was proved correct and the fact that it has an octopus in it send her a little overexcited. This girl, for some unfathomable reason, LOVES octopuses (octopi?) Don’t ask me why – she finds them fascinating and as such, so do we. As you may have seen, she even has a toy octopus that we’ve made a movie with (link here). The Disney Store came up trumps and sent us a Dory who hasn’t really left her side since.

Coupled with our own Octopus, we decided to pick one of her favourite scenes from the move to make. She always gets excited in the scene where Dory and Frank get stuck in the touching pool near the Open Ocean Exhibit of the sea rescue centre.

So to make it look right, we had to make some of the weird characters that appeared in the touching pool. To do this I fished out some soft play veggies that we had and then stuck googly eyes on them to make them look like sea cucumbers. Those eyes got picked off a few times but I persevered and they were able to make it off the casting couch and into the movie scene!

I then set up our camera and filmed us playing with the toys around the house. As she’s only 2.5 years old it’s not like I can get all James Cameron and shout ACTION and a toddler does what her mummy director says. Better to capture the fun as it happened and that’s exactly what we did!

I’m trying not to give away massive spoilers in this post but I can say that Hank and Dory manage to find each other in the touching pool and try and make a bit of an escape…

…but they are warned not to swim down an area called ‘Poker’s Cove’. This was my favourite bit to film as Toddler LOVED chatting to the scary creatures that waved in and out of the rocks. So much so that she decided to go off script and natter about helicopter that she had just watch fly over.

Overall the afternoon was so much fun to film and I’d like to thank the Disney Store again for involving us. It was so much fun to play with Dory and Hank and I just loved her little face when we brought all of the characters to life.  Obviously we’ve watched the film at least 100 times since this and each time I notice a new thing. That’s why I love Pixar!

Watch the filmed scene yourself here and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so yet. I’d like to try and take being a YouTuber more seriously this year and having an audience to make stuff for sure helps!

Vicki x