It’s been quite a lovely day all things considered. Usually this time of year will invoke a feeling of dread as the months of sleep training and carefully balanced timings are shot to bits as we collectively turn our clocks forward to welcome the British Summer Time. A lie-in might happen but you’re all a bit weirdest out and naps aren’t at the right time and with small babies you have to think hard about when you’re meant to give the next feed. Today’s expected lie-in was very welcome as first-born had started to wake at 6am the past couple of weeks, barging into our room to wake us up. Today, although it was illusion, it was an hour later.

Then there’s always bedtime. The carefully crafted 6pm-7pmĀ  slot will move to 7pm-8pm and the time that I have in the evening to work will get taken up wrangling children to bed. Previous years have told me that this takes ages to move earlier and as a working mum who often works in the evening to make up for having to leave to go and pick the kids up from childcare, this time is precious. I already made a rookie error today by letting naps go on too long into the afternoon and when the baby woke up first, far too late to be expected to have another nap before bed, but early enough for me to worry about how cranky she might be by the time bedtime came, I was on tenterhooks about this evening’s events.

As it went, the blackout blinds in the rooms are doing their job and baby was asleep by 7.40pm and i can hear the final story being read to first-born in her room. She sounds sleepy. I’m starting to look forward to summertime now. The weather report says snow for Easter so I really hope summer makes a visit soon enough. Maybe we’ll be out one Sunday evening this late, walking along the seafront carrying or pushing any sleepy children like we’ve done in previous years when it was just too hot to be at home. Perhaps we’ll be lounging in the garden until we really have to put a light on because it’s too dark to see anything, picking at barbecue food and sipping gin and tonics. The paddling pool will covered waiting for the next day and we might even have colour on our faces from being in the sun all day.

Maybe the baby might sleep through by then and I won’t be fighting to stay awake past 8pm each night. Maybe first-born will go to bed without negotiation. I can hear her awake now. She’s getting up and asking for milk.

Maybe it might not be such an easy evening after all. Wish us luck…