I’m not one of these bloggers that is constantly selling stuff on my site. I don’t really get offered that much free stuff or paid ads and I’m not really here to try and flog any wares. I like joining in fun promotions from time to time or talk about something when it’s genuinely useful. Encyclokidia is one of those things.

Started by a lady called Shefali back in 2014 it aims to provide a one stop shop for events for kids in your local area. It certainly a market that is in the rise as apps like Hoop have shown and my local mums Facebook group for brighton pretty much is spammed every day with people asking each other what events are on that they can do with their kids at short notice. Us parents need to know what’s going on near us at short notice without having to spend hours researching all of the different options. This is why Shefali set up the site in the first place as found researching age-appropriate swim lessons a minefield.

I found my daughter’s ballet class Baby Ballet via Encyclokidia with just a quick search from their homepage and can’t recommend it enough as another weapon in the parent arsenal of fighting boredom with the kids. I’ve added it to my own menu here on This Brighton Mum in case anyone finds it useful to find events in Brighton.


Disclaimer: I’ll earn from any links clicks BUT I am really doing this to see if I can start to build a better section on the blog for stuff to do in Brighton with the kids am am hoping to use Encyclokidia to help me widen my own local knowledge a bit more.