It’s been over six weeks since I’ve been able to sit down and write a proper blog post and only this week have I been seriously wondering how to come back from a break in blogging.  My life had become so busy and the usual two or three hours available in evenings to get stuff done became swamped with general life laundry and shit that needed to get done. You see dear reader, a series of linked events began back in January with the emergence of this little blue line:

Oh Bugger

Don’t get me wrong, we were a delighted pair of tired fools. We’d been trying for a while but it’s only when you see that blue line do you really think “fuuuuccckkkk it’s happening”. All the potential to do items on that imaginary list I’d parked away in the back of my brain started to run through my mind on a nightly basis. We had wanted a second child for ages and the move to Brighton and job change I’d had the previous year had meant that we were on our way to be set up for that but something wasn’t quite right. Our house was just too cramped to have another small person around and what with full-todderdom taking over our daughter, there really needed to be room to have a tiny baby and the chance of some sleep. Thinking, thinking. Night time thinking. Tossing and turning, thinking, thinking.

“We can’t swing a cat in here, let alone another baby”

OK so we needed to move and luckily our lease renewal was coming up. However Brighton is a tricky place to try and rent in as the good stuff gets snapped up super quickly. We had two months notice to give but it was unlikely we’d find somewhere that would want to wait that long for us to move. We didn’t want to pay two rents either. We’d have to gamble a bit closer to the time and hope that we found somewhere nearer our own move-our time and not end up with a “it’ll have to do” place either. When we started to talk about the type of place that each of us wanted, it transpired that everyone had different views about where to live and what was a necessity and what was a “nice to have”. Josh thought living right by the sea was a necessity. I wanted a rickety house with character. My dad (hi Top Grandad!) highlighted the parking need. Our girl needed a bigger room so that she could move into her “big girl bed”. We fed our needs to various estate agents and what we got back were expensive flats by the sea (no cheap three bedroom houses of course), manky student houses “with character”, perfect houses with no parking and double yellow lines out of the front. We had our work cut out.

You mean babies cost money??

I’d also started to do my sums about maternity leave and what I would be entitled to from my employer. The cushy full maternity pay could well be out of my reach by just a few weeks. With just SMP the time running up to baby’s arrival would be fraught and a bit tight. I’d need to make some extra money or maybe even consider changing jobs. Going freelance. We’d have to decide when we knew the due date, so off we went to get an extra scan and make sure baby was there (and just one baby!)

We went to a local clinic for an early scan and bought along Little Miss who wanted her owl’s tummy scanned too (you may know Owl from YouTube). It was the cutest thing to be able to do that as a family as hospitals usually won’t allow kids along. We got to meet Baby for the first time as a family and my hunch that it was 8 /9 weeks was right. Due the first week of October. Look at how proud Josh looks!

New job too?

Well it all started to fall into place after that, but it wasn’t without a bit of turbulence. We saw a perfect house in Hove (would I change the name of the blog I wondered?) which we tried to offer on the spot for but the shady estate agent put us off as it was clear he had saved it for the viewer after us. Negotiations with the agents afterward didn’t change any minds but at least we had seen a house that fit all of our criteria. OUR PERFECT HOUSE WAS OUT THERE! SOMEWHERE PEOPLE A very casual application I had made for a project management job came back as a serious offer to join a company as one of the senior leads there and they even knew I was pregnant. I actually considered the premise: could I quit my current job, which I had been in for a good year and had looked after me and my childcare needs, I knew and loved my team and knew what was to come in terms of progression and start again in a new role (of which I was a little out of practice) that needed me to be on my top game over the coming months to help them grow as a business whilst getting fatter and grumpier as a Preggo?


We continued to see some real poo-holes to rent in and around Brighton and over the following days and I negotiated the premise of changing jobs and career but then a little gem popped up on the Rightmove app and we maneuvered quickly. It was a team effort and we picked Toddler up from nursery and zoomed straight there at the end of the day. We’d arrived early and got there with enough time to take in the ambience of the area (oooh relaxed parking Grandad!). Toddler shouted “WOW HOUSE!” as she got out of the car. The sky was blue and the sun was shining over the sea which we could see being high up on a hill. Brighton never looked more beautiful.

The estate agent let us in and she ran around the house like she’d been living there for years. Staring out at the garden and watching her watch, we instinctively knew this house was THE HOUSE. We put an offer in immediately and it was accepted. New house here we come!

I accepted the job offer around the same time too and the next phase kicked in. The one where all of the “Plan Bs” needed to actually happen. Boxes needed packing. Things needed to be cleaned. Handover documents needed to be written at work. Thankfully we got to stick with the same nursery that Little Miss attended as it wasn’t too far away and our new place was cheaper to rent so it looked like we might start to reap some benefits to all these changes.  Annoying it was all during a time when I had utter narcolepsy. No morning sickness for me. Just falling asleep in the middle of talking; on the floor after bending down to take my shoes off or face mushed against the toilet door at work. Transpired I had anaemia too.

Move Day!

Somehow…SOMEHOW we managed to pack up the house and some rather awesome chaps came to help Josh move it all on move day. It took two hours on a gorgeous sunny Saturday. WE HAD MOVED!! Woo and because I was twelve weeks pregnant (and anemic)  I DIDN’T HAVE TO LIFT A BLOODY THING!!

The third and final part of all of this is getting used to all of our plans now they are in place. Settling into the new home and making it lovely has been a pleasure. Little Miss shouts “NEW HOUSE” whenever we pull up to it in the car. She also LOVES her new big girl bed and her garden. We squeezed in an easter egg hunt and a trip to IKEA too. WHY DID WE GO TO IKEA WHAT WERE WE BLOODY THINKING?? I started my new job and have been getting used to doing both the morning and evening nursery runs and using my brain in a way that I really missed. All the while I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger and BIGGER…here I am 17 weeks along but I look double that. You can say it. I won’t mind…

Now to get on with this pregnancy thing

So to answer the question originally posed at the start of this post: how do you make comeback after a break from blogging? Well you get pregnant, move house and then start a new job clearly. All in the space of three months while being a narcoleptic and having to wrangle a cute but very crazy Toddler. Get all that out of the way and you might have a couple of hours left in the evening by the second trimester to put pen to paper like I have tonight. Thanks for reading! (I’m happy the secret’s out).

Vicki x