Seriously, why does a very high profile woman have to make a point of pointing out that another high profile woman doesn’t have kids. And despite the fact that she said she was pressured into saying as such, she didn’t take a moment to try and challenge a reporter who probably should have been taken out back and shot for perpetuating stereotypes about women and everyday sexism. So what Theresa May doesn’t have kids, so what that Andrea Leadsom does. Why on earth does the press (and maybe the general population at large) think that has anything to do with how they will do their jobs.

I have been lucky enough to find myself a job where my employer doesn’t even question my professional capability based on the fact that I’m a mother. Don’t get me wrong – I am a proud working mum and will tell anyone that wants to listen all about my smudge-faced cherub but I do not play on the fact that I am a parent to try and get out of any duties and yet I know I can talk about flexible working when I need it. It’s rare I know and I am very grateful for that. If anything, I think that being a parent makes me a better worker in many ways as I am able to plan my time so much better.

However, I would not for one second think any differently dealing with a woman my own age who didn’t have kids. Having been a slightly older (and childless) team member when compared to my colleagues, I have had to pick up the slack a lot of times. I saw how hard it was for mums (and dads) to be away from home when they had to travel oversees for pitches. Saw the pain of juggling decisions and time with a precision I had no idea of (yet). I worked hard and was surrounded by great colleagues who never once said “oh you wouldn’t understand, you’re not a mum.” I’m a human though and I can understand what it is like for someone else to go through something. I have eyes and ears!

So the fact that our new prime minister doesn’t have kids doesn’t bother me one bit. She’ll be judged on her success based on the things she does in her role, not because she looks after other tiny humans in her non-working hours.