This weekend we headed off to Komedia in Brighton, which is fast becoming my favourite venue for kids stuff, to see Oskar’s Amazing Adventure. It’s a play for young children with puppets, dance and song based on the book by Colin Granger and Lisa Smith and this show was the the world premiere so we were really excited to see something so new!


The story is set around puppy Oskar who can’t understand why his owner and family sleep so much within their snowbound house on top of the mountain and desperate for fun, heads out into the snow to find new friends to play with. He doesn’t get very far in finding friendly animals and before long is on the run from a fox and needs to find a place to hide. He then meets a new friend in the form of a marmot who decides to help Oskar find his way home.

Picture from Theatre Fideri Fidera (


Our Little One is not one for sitting at the front of things like this (and we’ve been to a few) so we had her on our laps a few rows back but the action was high enough to see lots. The scenery was set up in a great way to move the audience from the inside of the house to the outside in the snow and you could tell that the kids were really engaged with the main actress that played all of the parts. She had such a lively manner and did all of the Swiss voices in a bright and funny way. As a parent watching I usually find children’s actors a little over the top OR playing it too comedy for the parents. This was a lovely balance as was engaging for the kids but also for the adults without sitting there trying not to pull your phone out to look at food pictures on Instagram. At 40 minutes long it was also the perfect length before little bums get fidgety.

It’s on a tour of the UK from what I can tell and in Brighton for the rest of week for half term. I would totally recommend heading along to it with your young offspring (older kids 7/8/9+ would be very bored) especially because you get to meet the animals afterwards and the tiny people all went CRAZY over this. There were a few Oskars to cuddles and take pictures with a some kids hugging a little too hard.

I write this review purely because I was impressed enough with the show and the Toddler keep talking about Oskar’s Amazing Adventure for the rest of the day – no one gave me freebies.