Today we were lucky enough to be invited* too watch the Teletubbies Live show at the Theatre Royal Brighton. Having never taken either of the girls to one of these new type of “live” shows (Peppa Pig being the main one that springs to mind and this show is produced by the same people), I was keen to give it a go and see if the kids loved it and whether it would be worth doing this type of activity in the future. In attendance was me, the baby, the three year old, her best friend and her mum (so we can talk about normal stuff and drink coffee).

A very excited three year old!

First up, The Theatre Royal is gorgeous. I’ve been living here in Brighton for three years and have never had the chance to go inside. It’s such a lovely old space and the look on my three year old’s face as she looked up and up from the stalls where we were sitting was delightful. The staff made every effort to help anyone with a buggy get it in the cloakroom and they even had hot coffee behind the bar in prep for the 10am showing we saw. I mean guys, well done, as there would have been a riot otherwise!

Waiting for the show to start!

Once sat down the show didn’t delay and we were off saying ‘eh-ooooo’ before you knew it. The kids’ faces when Po came on was magical. Both of the girls love her the best and the fact that the characters are more than life-like on the stage (they’re positivity giant!) meant that everyone (including the little ones) could see easily more or less.

The gang are joined by new character Sam who joins the Teletubbies along for the show, leading the signing and dancing numbers. There’s quite a few in the first half including dancing with flowers, a teddy bear and it ends with a big song where the audience are encouraged to join along. Our girls were doing all of the actions when not mesmerised by the action on-stage and the baby bounced up and down on my lap in excitement. At one point the baby started to cry and whinge but seeing as we were in an audience of very small people, there was no side glances or tuts.

Maybe it was the early show and lack of coffee in the parent’s systems but the joining-in but took a while for everyone to get into. By the end of the first half though there was clapping and cheering. As a parent I felt the show went along quick enough and the interval was at the right point so as to deal with who needed a wee and get snacks and drinks sorted.

Back to the show and there were more set pieces (one with Tubby Toast was my daughter’s favourite) and other supporting cast members magically moving rabbit and sheep puppets around the stage. I found myself enthusiastically joining in with the girls by the end of one of the last numbers which cleverly integrated TV and the stage and had us all doing actions and dancing around. I don’t get out much.

Again, the show wasn’t too long so that the kids lost interest. The set pieces were just the right length and the stage, props and lights were bright and bold – which the baby loved. I could tell there were a couple of minor stage malfunctions (mic and video-related) but the cast carried on and the kids wouldn’t have even noticed. The cast were also great. I don’t know where they get their enthusiasm from but I want some please.

So in conclusion, I recommend this show to anyone looking for something to do with the kids tomorrow in Brighton and wherever these guys are taking the tour too next (more info here). I didn’t go for me, I went for the kids and to see their faces light up made it all worth it, yet I also weirdly enjoyed it as much. Baby is now sleeping with a little smile on her face and three-year old is telling daddy all about it on the phone.

Disclaimer: We were invited to see the show for free in exchange for a review. My review is all my own opinions. I would definately pay for tickets for this!