On my iphone right now sits about five gazillion pictures of my 16 month-old daughter and they get sent out on a daily basis to a network of family and friends; grannies and grandads and various social walls just to make sure no one misses out for just one second the awesomeness of our offspring.

I do worry sometimes if anyone pays attention. That’s the hardest bit about parenting – the worry. The constant worry. It’s a full-time hobby. This is the reason you’re reading these words. The worry. I’m hoping that sharing some of these worries, as well as the joy, will help me become a better mother, a better co-parent. Maybe you’ll read them and think “oh god, someone else is as big a worry bag as I am! HELL YEAH MOTHERS UNITE!” Maybe you’ll think “Oh no – not ANOTHER “mummy blogger” – I can even step outside without falling over another taking a #blessedlife selfie of her kids” and then run away as far as you can from the internet. Either way, even if this place remains silent, I am hoping to grow it and see what happens. Pretty much like the parenting bit.

Vicki x