So this week, after one year and five months, my little bundle of baby moved up to the next class at nursery as a strutting and opinionated toddler. I know people say it often but WHERE DID THE TIME GO? She joined the baby group as the youngest back in 2015 and was so little that she had to be carried everywhere as wasn’t even crawling at that stage. I faffed and worried like a hen during those first few weeks. I just didn’t understand how things worked back then and would look clueless trying to park my buggy in the buggy park or crying outside because she had wailed as I handed over to someone who wasn’t me.

First day at nursery

Her first day at nursery

I spent the first few months totally depressed about the whole thing. She went into nursery twice a week from 8/9 months old and I back into full time work. She had two days with her dad on the Monday and Tuesday and a day with me on the Friday. The other days were nursery. Josh would tell me about the cute things they had got up to on their days together and nursery shared all of the crafty and messy play that she would attempt. In contrast she would hang out with me as I worked (thankfully she slept more back then) on the Friday and weekends we had to fit in shopping, cleaning, catching on life. It never felt like much of a life back then and when she got to do stuff with nursery like get a visit from Santa, I would get jealous and cry at home.

After I left my job in London, life got much easier. She was sleeping through after a year and I had got us into a groove that we all seemed to enjoy. Days together were less fraught and we were even seeing the benefit in nursery’s effect on her. She babbled words we didn;t recognise teaching her and had a love for garden toys that we knew wasn’t because of the limited space she had at home. As she started to talk more she would say the names of her favourite people there and they would tell us enthusiastically about how she had made them laugh that day when we picked her up. They really liked her and in turn we really liked them.

After time as she walked and then ran and talked more and more AND MORE, we could tell very clearly that she had outgrown her time in the baby room and as her taster sessions passed, the staff agreed although you could tell they were very sad to see her go. On Wednesday, head buried into her Dad’s neck, she went upstairs for the first official time and was left to play with old friends and make new. The kids in the next group all talk and talk really well. They reason and sympathise. It won’t be long until the sentences are falling out her mouth and we hear even more crafty demands. She already started herself potty training the same week. I wasn’t quite ready but she must be seeing other kids using toilets and the potty already and want to do it. To be honest I’m not quite ready for any of this growing up business at all. I feel like I need to start putting her in giant tupperware like that mum in Eerie Indiana, to keep her fresh and preserved at this very age, but that would be weird. Very weird.

Eerie Indiana

For now all I can do is make sure I put my phone and camera down and enjoy her little personality as much as possible but try to capture it when I can because she’ll be in pre-school before I know it.