This year we have been privileged as parents to experience some of the most stunning toddler temper tantrums. As our little precious started to make sense of her world that little bit more, she also started to discover what she DIDN’T want. In those situations, it is us – the parents, who are often on the receiving end of such tantrums and it’s only fair that we share these with the world so that you can see that it’s not all beautiful Instagram moments, cuddles and cute stuff.

I Peeled the Banana

Bananas are a go-to food stuff in our house. They’re never refused and luckily they provide a whole bunch of sustenance that’s she’d not get from the usual diet of pasta or beans on toast. They are asked for a regular basis and I hark back to the days when I could peel one myself and cut it up into slices and put into a bowl. If I dare try that these days, then it’s straight on the floor with a toddler tantrum.I started to learn my lesson and would hand over a peeled banana instead but soon that became too insulting to her.

It’s got to the point now, that I have to hand over an unpeeled banana and then wait for her to bring it to me and asked for it to be peeled. If I do more than just lightly break to the seal at the top then it results in a full-on tantrum. I’ve spent months this year perfecting this art and it’s mostly bravery.

The Cat is on My Lap

Toddler tantrum power struggle There seems to a be power struggle going on for my lap that no one told me about. When the Toddler isn’t on it, the big ginger cat  will squeeze in while there’s a gap. Sometimes I have both of them on there and although in the moment I think “aww – look at me: children AND animals LOVE me” usually the cat will get a bit intense and push her luck for how much real estate she can claim. It’s at this point that the Toddler will lose her SH1T  and get on the floor and have a roll around fake crying. She may also do this when she sees that cat already on my lap and she isn’t on there herself. In basic terms, she gets well jel and can’t hide it. In the meantime, WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE??

Didn’t Give Her Enough Cheese

This never fails to make me laugh and as parents we know not to laugh during tanties because HOW VERY DARE YOU AND WE’LL JUST CRY SOME MORE DAMMIT! However it’s the very nature of this one that gets me giggling: if we don’t give enough or give too much cheese to sprinkle on her pasta during dinner time then it’s a toddler tantrum. Sometimes the bowl will get swiped from the table like she’s a medieval king and we’ll have to take cover as the pasta bowl hits the deck and tomato sauce flies EVERYWHERE. By the way, trying to clean that stuff off of the patio doors a week after the event because you didn’t realize how VERY FAR the pasta sauce had spread is like trying to clean dried concrete. Good luck.

Wanted to Wear Her Vest HER WAY

I should also add ‘wants to go out in bare feet’ to this section. Basically it about your child wanting to wear clothes in a weird and freaky way and as much as you want to encourage a sense of self-expression in them, you know that letting them leave the house with one arm out of the top of their vest or t-shirt or barefoot would get THOSE LOOKS. The judgey ones. The ones that linger when they’re directed at you. As I fight with tiny arms to get the clothing to fit the way it was intended, it will often (if not guaranteed) result in a full-on toddler tantrum and this one will go on for AGES and she’ll still be crying way after the event but know know why and if she did realise for even just a second, maybe, just maybe, she might think “my god, I was a right dick just then wasn’t I?”

Laughed at her Tantrum

Noting the point above above laughing, I really shouldn’t laugh during any of these episodes, but sometimes the speed in which she goes from normal to freaked out is highly amusing and the reasons usually are so…rubbish that it can’t help but elicit a smile. I also have quite a calm demeanor that I can’t really react very well to behavior like this. When she threw herself onto the floor in the mall because I asked her if she’d like to get back into her buggy and she didn’t want to, all I could do was stand there and fix my features to look concerned while she played out. Members of the public walked by and I got a few sympathetic looks. Luckily she’s slef-concould because it was when she saw someone looking at her and no reaction from me that she got and got on with it. I said to the man “you can swap kids of you like|” because he had some around the age of ten or eleven. He smiled at me in a pitying way and said “done my time”. Thanks random man.

I hope that this made you smile to read. I would LOVE to hear about the various reasons for a toddler tantrum in your own home. Share them below. It’ll be like a group therapy sesh.