So this week has been quite a long week for many reasons. The main being that baby, since she turned 18 months a few weeks ago, has started waking up at regular intervals during the night. 9pm, 11pm, 2am, 4am and the 6am is a kicker because it’s an hour before we have to wake up as a household and it’s very bright in her room (our blackout blinds forget to do the ‘blackout’ bit by this time of the of the day). Persuading her to try and go back to sleep is a tough job and often it’s better just to get super early.

Sometimes all she needs is to be held and she’ll doze straight back off as soon as her mummy is cuddling her. I gently lay her back down in her cot and tip-toe out of the door, closing it as slowly as my muscles will let me, holding my breath as I do so. The instant I click the latch closed, she often just wake dup and starts screaming again. The only way to diffuse this, in my very very tired head logic, is to stay in the room with her until she’s really asleep.

When an 18 month old won’t go back to sleep without you in the room and you can’t fall asleep on the floor, what can you do? Well dear reader, you Google all sorts of crazy stuff on your phone thinking that the answer to stopping this cycle of parent abuse must be out there somewhere.

Just for fun, here’s some of the parenting advice I have Googled during the night the past week and you can see my chain of thought as you go:

How do you prevent a toddler waking too early?
Should I drop a nap in the afternoon for my toddler?
Shop the best blackout blind in the UK
Do I drink too much coffee in the day?
Vitamins for staying awake longer
How to survive Camp Bestival with a toddler (oh god, no black out blinds in the tent!)
What happens if you lose your toddler at a festival?
Shop toddler reins
What will happen is Michael Gove becomes Prime Minister?
What will happen to the UK?

What did we do without our smartphones before?? Happy Googling all 🙂